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Think the library is full of only books? Think again!

See the collections in our catalog.

Arts & Crafts

Things like a Cricut, an Easy Press, looms, sewing machines and more


Things like car starters, portable air compressors and more


Things like a Blood Pressure monitor, a selfie stick, and more


Things like Clue, Twister, Yahtzee, Super NES, Chess and more


Things like a digital scale, immersion blender, cake pans and more


Things like microphone, a ukulele, a violin, a recorder and more


Things like a bulb planter, a soil tester and more

Next Category

Stay tuned, more things are coming!

Things for Kids

American Girl Doll

The dolls portray girls of various time periods in American History. Each travels in her very own case.

Book Buddies

Read along with some of your favorite characters! Take home a book and a stuffed animal that goes along with the story.


These pre-loaded kids tablets are designed with a simple, easy-to-use interface for learning and play. No downloading or WiFi required.

Leap Frog Reader

These devices help kids practice reading and writing and build listening comprehension.

Music Tools

A collection of musical instruments to let you enjoy the music making experience at home!

Nature Backpacks

Each backpack includes books, activities, and tools. All to help you uncover the many wonders nature has to offer.

On-the-Go Packs

Backpacks to keep little ones entertained. Each pack contains books, DVDs and more.


Explore the basics of computer coding and programming with these little robots.

Parent & Child Information Packs

A selection of books to help with topics like death, divorce, a new baby, and even toilet training.


Each kit contains a combination of items focused on a specific theme. For hands-on learning using books, tools, toys, and other equipment.

Travel Boxes

See the world without leaving home! Our boxes contain books and activities for young ones to explore other countries and cultures.


Wonderbooks are a read-along experience. Each one is a print book with a ready-to-play audiobook built inside.
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